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Exploring Trails in the Copper Canyon


8 Day Trip, leaving by van from Tucson, AZ (7 nights Hotel/Guesthouse)
Including the pottery of MATA ORTIZ, and Mexico's breathtaking waterfall CASCADA BASASEACHI
  • 4 Guests: $4000.00 per person, double occupancy
  • 6 Guests: $2700.00 pp/do
  • 8 Guests: $2000.00 pp/do
  • 10 Guests:$1800.00 pp/do
  • 12 Guests:$1600.00 pp/do
August 16 - 23, 2019 (Mushroom Festival)

This trip starts at the Riverpark Inn centrally located on the new Modern Streetcar Line in Tucson, AZ. It has easy interstate I-10 access. Participants should book their own accommodations for the first and last night, or arrange their own transportation to meet us at the van in the north parking lot at 6am. We'll have breakfast en route. Single hotel room/guesthouse supplement: $300. Passports required for border crossing. E-mail or call 520-324-0209 to book, or for travel recommendations. Zipline not included.
Let Sol cast her magic spell. Love is the secret ingredient.
Join Copper Canyon Trails for the San Juanito Mushroom Festival: Feria de los Hongos in 2013.

Feria de los Hongos

I want to go there!


Day One

Our trip starts at the Riverpark Inn in Tucson. This centrally located hotel has easy access to downtown, 4th Avenue nightlife, and I-10 access. We'll meet at the van at 6am the day after your arrival, and have breakfast en route to the border. Keep your passport handy- you'll need it for your visa at the border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora. We arrive at Cascada Basaseachi late afternoon/early evening.

The Mushroom motif multiplies magically during monsoon season at CabaƱas en Bosque Noritare.
Copper Canyon Trails van tour in August to the San Juanito Mushroom Festival.

Day Two

Short, easy walking at Cascada Basaseachi from the spectacular lookout to the pouroff (2 miles, 2 hours). Allow an extra hour to hike down to the plunge pool. Long day hiking option available to view Mexico's highest waterfall Piedra Volada (5-7 hrs, 4 miles, a bit strenuous, and good balance required).

Day Three

Midday we arrive at "Cabanas en Bosque", charming little resort tucked in a picturesque pocket of the vast Chihuahuan forest - and the highlight of our trip. Enjoy Gormandizing with Sol. Hopefully, we'll be invited into her kitchen, not just the restaurant. Her resort Noritari is the unofficial home to the annual Sierra Mushroom Festival, and our hostess is a recognized culinary master. Good hiking, birding, and mushroom collecting opportunities in the forest before dinner, and throughout your stay. Expect rain!

Day Four

We will pack a picnic basket for lunch at nearby lake. Enjoy birding, relaxing, mushroom hunting, and a visit to the festival in town.

Day Five

No trip to the sierras is complete without a visit to the heart of Copper Canyon. To enhance your visit to the Sierra Madre, we'll take a road trip to Creel, only an hour away. A Hole-in-the-Wall restaurant with great regional food is our lunch stop. Great Tarahumaran crafts, books, music, and topographic maps of the area are available at the Mission Store, whose profits fund the Jesuit's Mission Hospital benefitting the local Tarahumara. We finish up for the night at the canyon rim in Divisadero.


Locally sourced clay deposits have made Mata Ortiz Pottery prized for centuries! Here's your chance to own a piece of History.
Locally sourced clay deposits have made Mata Ortiz Pottery prized for centuries! Here's your chance to own a piece of History.

Day Six

Highlights include easy hiking to a nearby Tarahumara rancho, an opportunity to ride the cable car with breathtaking views of the Barranca Urique or the world's longest zipline (as of 2014), and tasty street food- local and cooked slowly, but served fast. Eat with gusto!


Day Seven

We'll start on our way to Nuevas Casas Grandes, the Mennonite colonias, the ruins of Paquime, and the pottery village of Mata Ortiz. Our hosts in Mata Ortiz will give us a condensed demonstration of the stages in pottery making from clay gathering, preparing, to throwing, firing and decorating.

Day Eight

Leave early from Mata Ortiz for Tucson.

Day Nine

If you didn't drive, Fly Home

Escorted Hikes and Burro Expeditions in Mexico's Copper Canyon

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