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Tierra Desconocida: Treasures in the Sierra Madre

Burro-supported Hiking on the Rio Urique- the actual Barranca del Cobre!

10 Day Trip from Los Mochis Airport (LMM) with 6 Days Hiking (4 nights Lodge, 5 nights tent camping); Roundtrip First Class Train and transfers included!
  • 1 Person $5400.00 USD
  • 2 Guests: $3000.00 per person, double occupancy
  • 3 Guests: $2800.00 per person, triple occupancy
  • 4 Guests: $2600.00 pp/do
  • 5 Guests: $2400.00 pp/do
  • 6 Guests: $2300.00 pp/do
  • 8 Guests: $2200.00 pp/do
Rim Rendezvous: 8 Day Trip (2 night Lodge, 5 nights Camping)
  • 1 Person: $4500.00 USD
  • 2 Guests: $2300.00 per person, double occupancy
  • 3 Guests: $2200.00 per person, triple occupancy
  • 4 Guests: $2000.00 pp/do
  • 5 Guests: $1800.00 pp/do
  • 6 Guests: $1700.00 pp/do
  • 8 Guests: $1600.00 pp/do

Options: Upgrade Hotel Valley Room to Canyon Views Room $100/nt. 4 Nights Single hotel/tent supplement: $450. 2 Night single hotel/tent charge: $250. Consider adding a day in Creel (Ejido San Ignacio, Cascada Cusarare), or two days (Cascada Basaseachi), or Divisadero (for local dayhikes or Parque Adventura Tarahumara ziplines/cablecar/via ferrata).


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Enjoy burro supported hiking with Copper Canyon Trails: Adventure travel with a Day Pack.
Enjoy Burro Supported Hiking with Copper Canyon Trails: Adventure Travel with just a Day Pack.


Day One: Arrival by Air

This popular itinerary begins at the airport in Los Mochis, Sinaloa (Airport code: LMM). You will be met by your guide for your transfer to the hotel in El Fuerte. Relax and Enjoy the tropical atmosphere with a cool coconut drink, expertly opened with a machete before your eyes, or sip a margarita prepared from local oranges. Ask about an optional second night in El Fuerte, a colonial town founded in 1564 by Don Francisco de Ibarra, and steeped in history. Rumor has it El Fuerte was the home of the legendary Zorro. With some extra time you can explore this walkable town, or enjoy a river trip that highlights a colorful myriad of local birds and an ancient petroglyphs site.

Day Two: Arrive at the Canyon Rim (10-day Rim Rendezvous Arrivals)

Leave coastal plains around El Fuerte for the rim of Copper Canyon at almost 8000 feet above sea level. The complete rail journey to Chihuahua is enhanced by 86 tunnels and 37 bridges. Posada Barrancas, our departure point in mid afternoon, is cool and temperate in an extensive pine forest on a high mesa.

We'll be met at the Posada Barrancas whistle stop train station for our transfer to the anachronistic castle: Mansion Tarahumara. Late lunch provided after check-in.

Toward sunset we'll take a walk to the canyon rim. It will take your breath away; not just the scenery, but the lack of air.... The optional "canyon rim rendezvous" begins here with a night at Lola's guesthouse for those arriving independently. Call for suggested itinerary

Day Three: Hike to the River

We meet our local guides and arrieros (Spanish for burro drivers), and begin a 3500 foot descent to camp with a possible day hike side trip as time allows. Notice the life zone changes as we leave the coniferous mesa and descend through the Apachean-Madrean woodland bioregion. Local homesteads perch precariously on exposed ledges, with nearly sideways-slanted cornfields. A scenic rocky outcrop offers photo opportunities and a good spot for lunch.

Canyon Quote
"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
and sorry I could not take both...,
I chose the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.

— Robert Frost

Day Four: Finish the descent with a short hike to the Rio Urique. Option stop at a relaxing hot spring as time allows. Free afternoon on the river.

Handmade tortillas every night, frijoles cooked on the fire: Tasty meals await!
Copper Canyon Trail's Burro-suported Treks include a Camp Chef.
It's a great way to loosen those tight leg muscles after a tough descent. A small drybag (12-20 liters) is recommended for valuables for the return hike where we "enjoy" 3 river crossings, one where the water may be up to your chin. Sure footed river shoes and a dry sweater for the other side are recommended.

Then it's steeply downhill for another couple of hours (or three or four). Cinch up those bootlaces to avoid blisters. Tonight's campsite is under a brilliant canopy of stars, next to the burbling Rio Urique.

Day Five: Half day hike upstream. This hike features an active low tech mining operation, Tarahumaran ruins, the art of tracking, and birding opportunities.

Day Six: Half day hike downstream. This hike features a riverside beach with deep pools and smooth water, a functioning Tarahumaran settlement including animal husbandry and terraforming.

Listen for the bells to find where the burros have strayed. The arrieros rein them in and we hike up for a night in the outskirts of a Tarahumaran village.

Day Seven: Return to canyon rim (8-day Rim Rendezvous Departures)

Corn fields and fruit orchards dot this tight little valley. We have the option to visit an archeological site on our way to the rim. Back at the guesthouse, hot showers and cold drinks await us!!!

Day Eight: Train to El Fuerte (10-day Rim Rendezvous Departures)

Breakfast and transfers for the coastbound train to El Fuerte, departing about 12:30. You'll be met there for transfer to the hotel.

Day Nine: Fly home

Breakfast included at hotel. Transfer to Airport in Los Mochis.

Escorted Hikes and Burro Expeditions in Mexico's Copper Canyon

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